The Beauty Hobo Sheringham

Skincare Specialist, Skin Health & Beauty

Created by Laura Stead BSc, CIDESCO, CIBTAC, BABTAC

The Beauty Hobo is an independent, home studio based Skincare Specialist.

First qualifying as an Aesthetician in 1996 and with many years of
experience within the beauty industry, Laura went on to study and
successfully gain a BSc in Human Biosciences from The University of
Plymouth in 2004. It was these studies combined with an ever present
passion for the Beauty Industry that have provided her with an in depth
understanding of skin physiology at both a molecular and biochemical level.

Laura is passionate about the colliding worlds of modern science and
beauty and how new and emerging skincare systems can help to improve
your skin’s appearance and greatly enhance your skin health & condition.
The Beauty Hobo provides super effective facials, expert skin care advice

and beauty treatments from her home based studio.

The Beauty Hobo – Beauty Therapist and Skin Health Specialist

The Beauty Hobo, created by Laura Stead BSc, CIDESCO, CIBTAC, BABTAC is an independent, professional, home studio based Beauty Therapy service in North Norfolk