Beauty Hobo Advanced Facial Treatments are tailored to your skin health requirements, following an individual pre-treatment skin health assessment. The advanced treatment protocols I work with will help you to achieve fantastic skincare results and support your ultimate skin health goals.
It’s easy to book a complimentary skin health assessment and following one of my recommended treatment schedules, you can expect to see improvements in acne scarring, excessive oil production, rosacea, fine lines, skin laxity, sensitivity, extreme dryness, unwanted areas of pigmentation, skin texture and open pore appearance. A smoother complexion with reduced blemishes will provide you with a natural glow, the ideal base for light makeup and even the confidence for you to go make-up free and feel great!


I like to keep things simple and my facial menu reflects this. I offer one prescriptive Medi-Facial treatment, where I use a combination of skincare and treatment techniques to meet your skin requirements, all within a one hour treatment time.

For more specific/advanced skin issues and rejuvenation, I offer an extensive range of Skin Resurfacing/Peel Treatments and Micro-Needling. If you are new to facial treatments or just looking for a cleansing and brightening treatment prior to an event, I also offer the 35-minute Express Skin Service. This still gives you many of the benefits of the Prescriptive Medi-Facial within a 35-minute treatment.

Prescriptive Medi-Facial 60 mins £65

This comprehensive advanced facial treatment combines many relaxing and therapeutic facial techniques using results driven, prescriptive cosmeceutical skincare. The treatment incorporates ultrasonic deep cleansing (as required), as well as powerful fruit acid and enzyme exfoliation. It includes a lifting facial and relaxing neck and shoulder massage, finished with a custom blend mask, advanced treatment serums and includes a relaxing arm and shoulder massage.

If you wish, you can add a 25 minute relaxing back massage to this treatment for an additional £20

Express Skin Service 35 mins £40

This express, advanced skin service uses results driven, prescriptive cosmeceutical skincare to provide a cleansing and brightening effect on the skin. Incorporating ultrasonic deep cleansing (as required), as well as powerful fruit acid and enzyme exfoliation, the treatment is finished with a custom blend mask and advanced treatment serums

If you wish, you can add a 25 minute relaxing back massage to this treatment for an additional £20

Express LED Phototherapy Session 35 mins £28

Low level light therapy has been available in recent years to both the Professional Skin Therapist and Dermatologists, following the introduction of LED (Light Emitting Diode) light modules. It is a well researched, beneficial skin treatment recognised for its ability to stimulate both collagen and elastin production within the skin and reduce inflammation. It has also been shown to accelerate the skins natural healing process and help with the reduction of fine lines, improve pigmentation and hydration levels in photo-aged skin and reduce acne scarring.

LED light therapy is a non-invasive safe, painless and effective way of stimulating collagen and elastin production from within the skin, without any side effects and is a particularly good therapy for all skin types and specifically when used after a skin resurfacing/peel or Micro-Needling treatment to reduce any post treatment healing time.

Book a block of 3 or more treatments for £24 per treatment

Add an LED phototherapy session to another facial service for £20

Skin Resurfacing / Peels and


The advanced skin health modalities I use in my advanced aesthetic treatments include Skin resurfacing/ Metabolic Peel treatments and Micro-Needling (Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy). I have chosen these well researched and studied cosmetic modalities for their documented efficacy, low downtime and minimal invasiveness. All my treatments are designed to give you maximum results with little or no downtime.
As an Advanced Skin Care Practitioner, all my treatments have been developed as effective cosmetic skin health and rejuvenation techniques and therefore do not involve medical intervention.

My client health and safety is paramount, which is why I only operate within the parameters of my profession and scientific understanding. Your suitability for my aesthetic facial treatments and your recommended treatment schedule, will be discussed during an initial skin assessment and will be based on your skin type and desired treatment outcome.

Skin Resurfacing/ Metabolic Peels

Advanced Skin Resurfacing/ Metabolic Peel treatments enhance skin cell renewal and strengthen the skin from within and are formulated to work with various skin concerns such as acne, acne scarring, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, fine-lines and excel at improving overall skin texture hydration, epidermal strength and skin barrier function.

The Cosmedix Peel family are a botanically active, scientifically supported, comprehensive skin resurfacing range that gives maximum treatment efficacy, with minimal downtime. Combined Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids promote effective exfoliation and chemically intelligent lipid-encapsulated retinol, dramatically reduces skin irritation post-treatment and enables targeted molecular release, driving epidermal cell proliferation and renewal. These fantastic advanced skin treatments also contain fruit enzymes, powerful antioxidants, advanced cell signalling peptides, proven plant-based anti-inflammatory and brightening ingredients for optimum skin health

These beautifully balanced, metabolic peels are the perfect treatment for all skins, including sensitive types. The nature identical formation (Chirality) of the active molecules within these products, ensure optimal skin compatibility and offer you the best possible skin health results.

Level 1 Peel

Antioxidant Resurfacing

Gentle exfoliation based on hydrating lactic acids, fruit enzymes and antioxidants.

45 Mins / £75

Level 2 Peel

Metabolic Epidermal Renewal 

Gentle cellular renewal peels based on encapsulated retinol with combined AHA/BHA acids and antioxidants

45 Mins / £80

Level 3 Peel

Moderate Depth Cell Renewal

Potent purifying and pigmentation reducing- peels with powerful AHA /BHA’s, high strength retinols, fruit, herb and plant oil extracts for maximum efficacy with minimal irritation.

60 Mins / £120

Prescriptive Cosmetic Micro-Needling

35 mins from £85

Micro-Needling (Also known as CIT- Collagen Induction Therapy) is amongst one of the best studied and respected, rejuvenating cosmetic skin procedures available to Aesthetic skin practitioners. Micro-Needling will help to optimize your skin cell function and strengthen skin integrity.

It has many skin health benefits, such as an ability to stimulate release of epidermal growth factors, which in turn upregulates cellular turnover, helping strengthen the structure of the epidermis and overall barrier function of the skin. In addition, this improvement in cell function and regulation can lead to better melanin pigment distribution, helping to alleviate unwanted and uneven skin appearance, such as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and over production of melanin from sun damage.

Micro- Needling can also exert a positive influence on the dermis, by inducing regenerative healing and assisting in delivery of active ingredients such as Vitamin A and C to the skin fibroblasts. These are the cells in our skin responsible for producing both elastin and collagen, which form the structural foundation to our skin matrix.

Performed in the correct manner and following a thorough skin consultation, you can except to see amazing skin transformation results from as few as three to four treatments. Reduction of acne scarring may require more treatment depending on their type, age and location

Micro-Needling Skin Rejuvenation = 35 mins from £85


What They Say

The facial I had at Beauty Hobo was therapeutic and uplifting. I was glowing for days afterwards.


Over the years I have taken her advice on my skin condition on my face (rosacea), and even dropped my expensive IPL treatments to go down the retinol peel route with Laura. My skin is better than it’s ever been, and I now receive comments on how good my skin looks- something I never thought I’d get! I can also honestly say she does the most amazing facials which are super relaxing. I’m not a person who is easily impressed, and I very rarely leave reviews- but I just felt I had to shout it from the rooftops if it will help anyone else suffering from rosacea.


I have been a client of The Hobo for a few years now. The facials are totally awesome, affordable with well-researched quality products, that do exactly what The Hobo says they will. I absolutely recommend Laura to anyone who wishes their skin to be the best it can be…….she is always researching and doing additional training. She is approachable and always willing to explain the products, techniques and valuable aftercare advice.


Beauty Treatments

I also offer a range of beauty treatments using some of the best professional beauty products available, such as the CND Shellac gel polish system and the Footlogix Pediceutical Range, to give you best results time and time again. Most of these services can be easily added to Facial Treatments, just contact me for details on how to best combine your beauty services.

CND Shellac Manicure (60 mins) £23

CND Shellac Removal (15 mins) £5

CND Vinylux Manicure (40 mins) £17

CND Shellac Pedicure (60 mins) £25

CND Vinylux Pedicure (60 mins) £22

Footlogix Advanced Pedicure Service (60 mins) £26

Eyebrow Shape £7

Eyebrow Tint £8/ Eyelash Tint £12

Super Lash Lift £32/ Super Lash Lift & Brow Duo £42

Facial Waxing From £6


Have you thought of subscribing to a monthly skincare service to significantly improve your skin health and appearance, with regular discounted professional treatments, plus great home care product discounts? Have you got a big event coming up such as a wedding or big birthday where you would like to achieve your best skin? The Beauty Hobo ‘Skin Health Subscriber’ service has 11 different treatment plans that range from £55.25 a month and are designed to give great skin health results