Keeping both your skin health and skin health budget on track

I am sure there are many of you out there wondering how you can save some expense on your monthly outgoings, in response to the economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and are aware of how its presence has impacted on our spending power and particularly our social spending habits around our beauty and personal care. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could have access to some tips on how to save a little on our monthly beauty outgoings, whilst maintaining a great daily skincare and skin treatment routine, continuing to help you reach your ultimate skin health goals and achieve ‘your best skin’.

Some of you will be determined to keep up with your monthly skin treatments such as an advanced facial, resurfacing peel or skin rejuvenating technology based facial as you have seen the great results they can deliver, you don’t want your results to wain under the strain of budget squeeze, you enjoy the experience of your expert treatment, plus you value the professional skin health advice you receive from your specialist and don’t want to sacrifice it just yet. Some of you may prefer to switch down some of your in-studio treatments, yet invest in a more active home skincare routine to help with some monthly savings for the next few months. Whichever way you want to try and save, I have put together some great budget refining suggestions, based on my professional skin therapist experience.

Working smarter not harder on your skin health

I have been thinking how I can help you re-evaluate your skin care purchasing and treatment investment to help fit with your ‘New Normal’ lifestyle and budget, offering you even greater value for your investment and continuing to achieve positive skin health outcomes.

To help make small changes to our spending we need to adapt, move out products that aren’t working for us, focus on products that performing well in our skin health routine and ultimately, we can make these changes without compromising product quality or your product experience.

Remember, not all budget skincare is the best investment and just buying budget high street products often won’t give you the best skin results. There will be areas where sticking to your professional and clinical products will offer you the best return on investment in the long run, especially if you are already starting to see results with their use.

Below are some suggestions on ways you can help make your pound stretch further within your beauty budget and still receive the products you require to deliver the results you expect….no compromise. If you have any other budget saving suggestions you might like to contribute to my list below, just pop them in the comments, I would love to hear them and add them to the list.

In no particular order…

  1. Look to trade down on peripheral products such as cleansers, spray toners etc- Search out a more cost-effective replacements with similar formulations, that will help achieve similar results.
  2. Remove additional steps in your existing routine- Many of us have a couple of serums on the bathroom shelf, perhaps now is the time to review them and decide whether you replace both at your next repurchase or just renew one. Re-evaluate your core skin concerns, decide which product isn’t delivering the results and don’t renew it.
  3. Reduce the volume of product you use. So many people overuse their product, simply put, using more doesn’t make it more effective, it often just overwhelms the skin making no difference to its performance and end skin result. Cut back and make that product last a week or two longer…It can add up to a significant saving over a few months.
  4. Your moisturiser isn’t giving great hydration without using loads! Look to ramp up your hydration by swopping out to a more hydrating formulation or even review your cleanser! It could be your cleanser stripping your skin of vital hydration, before you even get to the moisturiser step? Would a creamier cleanser formulation offer a greater benefit and ease the hydration burden of your current moisturiser? Also don’t forget applying moisturiser to damp skin is far more effective and can help reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL). If your not applying to damp skin already… give it a try, it has benefits and costs nothing.
  5. Invest in a harder working core product- There are some great multi active/ multi-use clinical products out there that deliver great results. A good example is an excellent SPF with antioxidant and gently refining PHA’s (polyhydroxy acids) that condition and protect your skin, whilst also shielding your skin from UV damage…boom! That’s three products in one, right there.
  6. How are you moisturising? Do you have a separate day and night cream? Could you find a product, which would be suitable to use both day and night and in a larger better value size. No need for two separate routines and you’ve just reduced your product outlay by one item.

Professional Advice

To further help you achieve some of the above savings, take up the offer of a professional skin health assessment from an aesthetician or skin health therapist. If you would like a streamlined core skin care routine, tell your specialist at the start of your assessment, if they are experienced and there are lots of amazing skin professionals out there, they will be able to deliver on that for you in one session, picking only essential items and leaving out other nice, but not essential items for a later date.

I offer a range of treatments, starting with a skin health assessment, which you can learn more about here. 

Paired down routines still deliver great results especially when tailored to your skin requirements. Do also bear in mind that successful skin health is often down to consistency and can take time. If you keep up a simple core daily routine over an extended period of time your results will often be more successful than a larger more complex routine that you only attempt occasionally. Another big plus to keeping up a consistent routine, is that it may even help reduce the required frequency for your clinic visits when dealing with a specific skin condition, another positive way to help save on your monthly skin health budget.

Professional skin treatments… making the smart investment

When you invest in an advanced skin health service, to help you get the most from your treatment, consider making it an advanced technology driven session. There are some brilliant, time efficient and super hardworking services available that provide great results and only take 35 or 45 minutes to deliver effectively. Alternatively make an investment purchase of short treatment course or membership/skin club deals that offer a discount per service to give you an overall financial saving, whilst maintaining service value and not compromising on results.

Let me know if you have any questions or if there are any skin health topics you would like me to cover in a new blog post…thanks for stopping by.

You can also book a skin appointment here, to receive specialist treatment in an affordable and friendly clinic in Sheringham, North Norfolk.


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