Microneedling for skin rejuvenation.

Microneedling is an effective, advanced skin health treatment for skin rejuvenation that uses single-use small sterile needle cartridges, which can be attached to a handheld pen device to create small micro-injuries to the skin. I use the bt-titan from Biotherapeutic in my treatment studio. Biotherapeutic is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer based in Seattle in the US that maintains ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accreditation and certifications, and all their equipment is CE safety tested. Another delivery method of microneedling you may have seen is using a handheld roller, although these devices still have a place in the market their performance is limited versus newer and more efficacious pen devices.

Creating these small micro-injuries stimulates the skin’s natural healing response along with all important growth factors (small reparative signalling proteins) and collagen production in the dermis. This makes microneedling an ideal advanced treatment for clients who are looking for skin pre-rejuvenation/collagen banking, the process of increasing collagen production within healthy skin as a preventative measure to skin aging. It is also effective for skin rejuvenation/plumping, and improving skin texture and laxity.

It’s not only a great treatment choice for many clients to achieve firmer, smoother skin, but it is also effective at reducing mild to moderate scarring and hyperpigmentation and can even reduce visible pore size.

Microneedling is a versatile skin health treatment that can also be performed on the body, from the neck and decollete to the thighs, buttocks, and stomach area as an effective way to improve stretch marks and overall skin texture.

Pen microneedling devices like the Biotherapeutic bt-titan, offer adjustable needle depths as the most effective treatments include being able to work at varying depths on different areas of the face, which give the skin therapist the ability to focus on the client’s specific skin concerns. On the lower face, cheeks, and jawline it is often appropriate to work deeper, where the skin structure and fat pad distribution are thicker, while on the forehead, you would go less deep to consider the thinner skin and lesser fat distribution and your client’s treatment comfort. 

As a general rule for microneedling for skin rejuvenation and epidermal strengthening, a needle length of up to 0.5mm is sufficient. However, for mild to moderate acne scarring and stretch marks, a deeper needle length of between 1.0mm and 1.5mm is the best for stimulating both new and remodeling existing collagen deeper down within the structure of the skin.

Hyperpigmentation is a more complex condition to treat with microneedling, however, the results can be transformative. Pigmentation reduction requires specific treatment focus at the dermal/epidermal junction approximately 0.5mm to 0.75mm below the skins surface, to prevent pushing any superficial pigment into the deeper upper dermal layers and making it more problematic to treat in the longer term. 

Skin type is another factor affecting treatment depth. For oily complexions, open pores, and acne inflammation a longer needle depth of around 1.0mm may be required, and those with a dryer skin type require a reduced working depth of around 0.5mm to 0.75mm.

Microneedling has recently gained popularity as an effective advanced skin rejuvenation treatment as it is less invasive than some laser treatments and deeper chemical peels, with an easy-to-manage low downtime. Clients experience only mild to moderate redness for up to 48 hours post-treatment. The treatment is time efficient too, taking around 45 to 60 minutes depending on the treatment area. Results can be seen as quickly as four to six weeks post-treatment and the longer-term benefits of increased collagen production can continue for as much as 6 months post-treatment.

Microneedling is a relatively safe advanced treatment, contraindications include clients with active skin conditions such as acne, active eczema, and skin disease such as psoriasis. Clients with any keloid scarring history would also be contraindicated along with some anticoagulant/blood thinning medications, a full consultation before treatment will establish your suitability based on your medical history, skin type, and desired treatment outcomes.

The strong appeal of microneedling is how it pairs well with other aesthetic technologies/ advanced treatments, in particular multipolar radiofrequency, another great aesthetic technology based treatment I offer in my treatment studio. We know, microneedling creates a micro-injury in the skin to stimulate the skin’s natural wound healing response, while radiofrequency compliments this nicely by using heat generated by a specific electrical wavelength to increase new collagen production and increasing existing collagen folding to tighten the skin, resulting in an overall tighter and firmer complexion.

LED skin treatments such as the Dermalux FLEX MD, also available in my treatment studio, work well alongside microneedling because LED light stimulates cellular renewal, encouraging further new collagen production and strengthening existing collagen stores. It will also upregulate skin healing and reduce inflammation to help manage post-treatment downtime. I’m a huge fan of the medically CE-certified and FDA-approved Dermalux FLEX as it provides clinically proven results for a wide range of indications and combination applications. In addition, recent independent testing reported by Dermalux demonstrated the Flex MD to be at least three times more powerful and deliver unrivalled consistent treatment performance compared to other portable LED devices 

Another strong pairing with microneedling is light to medium depth chemical peeling services, particularly when working on acne, pigmentation, or skin rejuvenation as part of a more intensive skin treatment plan. I really like working with the Cosmedix Lactic acid based, antioxidant-rich Pomegranate peel and the Cosmedix enzyme-based vitamin C-infused Benefit peel, both great peels that offer superior skin health results. Performing a gentle peel before microneedling can enhancce skin hydration and further stimulate collagen production, especially the case when using a retinol-based peel, which is great for stimulating cellular renewal from within the deeper layers of the skin.

In summary, if you are looking for an effective skin rejuvenation treatment with lots of supporting skin health evidence, then bt-titan microneedling treatments, potentially in combination with other advanced skin health and aesthetic technology treatments, plus a consistent professionally recommended home care routine will give you excellent skin health results that last and, in many cases, can help to transform your complexion for the long term.

Interested in seeing how microneedling can improve your skin health? Book an appointment or get in touch.

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