Radio Frequency- Thermal Collagen Remodelling

Part of the skin ageing process is the almost certain appearance of fine lines and skin laxity, associated with the combined loss and reduced synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres from within the skin. We know the importance of protecting our skin with the correct skin care products, especially the daily use of SPF to help protect our skin from UV damage and the subsequent exposure to elevated cellular free radical attack. Free radical attack that can contribute to intrinsic damage and reduction in the healthy functioning of our skin and that these factors ultimately result in unwanted and advanced ageing.

So how can we further give our skin a helping hand to look it’s best and to help maintain its supporting structure and maintain a firmer more toned skin appearance?

Getting Taught/Taut!

Radio Frequency skin treatments certainly contribute strongly to helping initiate both mechanical and biochemical effects within the skin that lead to the immediate contraction (shortening and folding) of collagen fibres via heating of the skins tissue and a longer-term skin remodelling response and neocollagenesis (new collagen formation), via stimulation of the skins natural wound healing response. Radio Frequency is a fantastic non-invasive, comfortable skin treatment with very little or no downtime, which is capable of improving both skin laxity and the facial contours, in particular those facial structures on the lower third of the face such as the jawline, naso-labial folds and the skin of the neck, but can also give significant results on the upper face, periorbital and brow areas . It is a skin tightening treatment modality that utilises heat in the form of oscillating energy applied within a specific frequency range to the skins surface to impart a skin tightening effect on both the surface and underlying structures of the skin.

Great support for other skin health treatments

Due to its non-invasive nature, thermal collagen remodeling via Radio Frequency is a really great treatment to perform alongside other skin health treatments, such as superficial skin peels, Dermalux LED phototherapy sessions and of course bt-titan microneedling to help achieve an overall rejuvenating and skin strengthening effect, that continues to build over time and when combined with recommended at home clinical skincare routines. Radio Frequency treatments are now available to book online and if you have any questions prior to booking or you’re not even sure this type of treatment would benefit you, please drop me a line and we can arrange a short no obligation Skin Health Assessment, to help you get the most from your skin health investment.

Energise your complexion

A great treatment to combine with a series of Radio Frequency skin tightening services would be the LED phototherapy treatment from Dermalux. The medically CE-Certified and FDA-approved Dermalux Flex MD provides clinically proven results for a wide range of indications and combination applications. In addition, recent independent testing reported by Dermalux demonstrated the Flex MD to be at least three times more powerful and deliver unrivalled consistent treatment performance compared to other devices on the market. The narrow spectrum of non coherent light produced by the Dermalux LED Flex device is fantastic at helping to supercharge your skins own cellular energy, by specifically increasing production of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is a nucleotide responsible for many cellular repair processes and commonly known as the molecular currency of the cell. ATP facilitates intracellular energy transfer, modulates oxidative stress and increases cellular waste removal, which translates as perceivable beneficial changes in the skin appearance, such as reduced inflammation, increased collagen and elastin fibre strength, improved cellular repair, more efficient surface blood flow and strengthening of the minute blood vessels of the skin.

All these benefits above would not be possible to achieve with a manual facial and clinical skincare routine alone, so if you are looking to make some great changes to your complexion and a supercharged series of advanced skincare services to give your skin a healthy skin boost, an aesthetic technology/combination treatment course is exactly what you need….look out for this treatment on my online booking and if you have any questions please drop me a line

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