Radio Frequency- Thermal Collagen Remodelling

Are you looking for a facial treatment to help improve your skin appearance that can help to slow the effects of skin aging?

A relaxing and therapeutic Aesthetic Technology based facial to help revitalise your complexion to give you that fresh skin glow, ultimately helping you to feel more confident in your skin?

Multi-polar Radio Frequency is a fantastic professionally delivered pro-aging treatment that can help to combat the natural skin aging process, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and helping to correct increased skin laxity associated with the combined loss and reduced synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres from within the skin as we become older.

More and more, we know the importance of protecting our skin with the daily use of a broad spectrum SPF 30 to 50 along with essential vitamin-based antioxidants such as Vitamin A, B, and C to help protect and repair our skin from UVA and UVB damage and subsequent exposure to elevated cellular free radicals that degrade our skin cells DNA. This free radical formation within the skin contributes to intrinsic skin damage and reduction in the healthy functioning of our skin, ultimately accelerating our skin aging.

So how can we give our skin a helping hand above and beyond regular SPF and antioxidant-based skincare use to help our skin look its best and to help maintain its supporting structure and a firmer toned skin appearance?

Radio Frequency – An Aesthetic Technology Facial to help accelerate your new collagen production and strengthen your existing collagen stores.

In-clinic Radio Frequency skin treatments help to initiate both mechanical and biochemical effects within the skin that lead to the immediate contraction (shortening and folding) of existing collagen fibres via heating of the skins tissue and the longer-term skin remodeling response and new collagen formation, via stimulation of the skins natural wound healing response.

Multi-Polar Radio Frequency is a non-invasive, comfortable skin treatment capable of improving both skin laxity and the facial contours, in particular, those facial structures on the lower third of the face such as the jawline, nasolabial folds, plus the skin of the neck and can also give significant results on the upper face, periorbital and brow areas. It is a skin-tightening treatment modality that utilises heat in the form of oscillating energy applied within a specific frequency range, producing a skin-tightening effect on both the upper layers and underlying structures of the skin.

Superior results in combination with other professional skin treatments.

Due to its non-invasive nature, thermal collagen remodeling via Radio Frequency is the perfect treatment to perform alongside other skin health services, such as the pH formula advanced resurfacing/ peel treatments, Dermalux LED rejuvenating phototherapy sessions and bt-titan microneedling or pH Formula Nanoinfusion services to help achieve an overall rejuvenating and skin strengthening effect, that continues to build over time and when combined with recommended at-home clinical skincare routines.

Radio Frequency treatments are now available to book online, and if you have any questions before booking, or you’re not even sure this type of treatment would benefit you, please drop me a line to arrange a short no-obligation Skin Health Assessment at my North Norfolk Skin Clinic, located in Sheringham, to help you get the most from your skin health investment.

All the superior skin benefits listed above would not be possible to achieve with a manual facial alone, so if you are looking to make some significant changes to your complexion and to supercharge your skincare routine, to give your skin that super skin boost, an aesthetic technology/combination treatment course is what you need.



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